On your hand is a cup of KALIMERA® harvested from the freshest ingredients to produce the finest yogurt. It is a living product. No sugar. No preservatives. Made purely from fresh pasteurized milk and active cultures. That's how yogurt gains the status quo as superfood. But do choose carefully because only natural yogurt is considered a superfood. Bar none.


Our Signature Yogurt. Made by Greek for Indonesia. With Only the Purest Ingredients.


It's Yogurt and It's Also Gelato, This Best of Both World Desserts WIll Leave You Wanting for More and More.


Best Boost For Your Day. Healthy Never Taste So Good! Enjoy Superfood in A Cup That Contain Wholesome Goodness of Calcium, Protein, and Fibre.


We Make the Best Formula so You Can Have Your Free Style to Enjoy It. Shake It as You Go for Your Walk or Pour It Onto Your Smoothies Bowl or Drink It Straight From the Bottle!

It's Really That Good.


We believe in the freshness of the product you consume. Prior to the expiry date If you are not fully satisfy with the quality of the product you receive, simply contact us to get replacement of fresh Kalimera® delivered to you.

Discover the goodness of Kalimera® today at the store near you or by ordering to



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